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About Our Teacher

About Stephanie Toby

My interest in postpartum education started, not surprisingly, after I had my first child. I knew intuitively that postpartum must have been better supported at some other time or place. I looked for information but there was not a lot available at that time. I put the little information I was able to find to use after my second child was born, and had an easier time healing and navigating the early months...but I still knew something was missing. Oh how I wish I would have had a class like this back then! I eventually found the work of midwife Rachelle Garcia Seliga. I completed her intensive training and certification process through Innate Traditions. I share her mission of midwifing a cultural shift. It is my joy and honor to support mothers and babies so that our families, communities and world can thrive.


When I met with Stephanie I felt comfortable, held and heard.  Things were so much harder with my second baby, and she gave me suggestions to help me during my postpartum recovery time that were personalized, valuable, and practical. She really understood how hard the postpartum time can be, and truly cared about helping me find ways to nurture myself so I could heal. 

Erica S., WA

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